“September Tomatoes, Bacon & Spinach Pie with Thyme-Pepper Crust”

OH. MY. GOODNESS….I’m almost at a loss for words right now! This Tomato, Bacon and Spinach Pie with a Thyme Peppercorn Crust looks absolutely DEVINE!!! The pictures themselves are making my mouth water. I’m making this tonight. Get this amazing recipe and follow “food on fifth” Their blog will not disappoint. Great Post, love the pictures!

food on fifth

tomato pie 2

The September tomatoes…the ripe red ones that hang on vines starting to droop, vines heavy with green tomatoes that will never see red…these ripe homegrowns are the sweetest of the season I think. They are summer’s last gift before it is all a memory.

wee tomato bird

What to do with the last few tomatoes just picked? A BLT…a jar of tomato sauce…a pie? Yes. I love to make pies.  A deep savory pie it will be.

A crust using fresh lemon thyme from my garden along with some freshly ground black peppercorns is where I will start.


I am a fan of the springform pan for tarts & pies as well as for cake. A straight sided savory pie is just so beautiful.



Thick sliced homegrown tomatoes salted and draining on paper towels before adding to the pie helps pull out some of the water before using. I do not want this…

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Siracusa- the best food ever and a few general tips on how to survive in Sicily

Inspired to make magic in my kitchen today. I’m a total foodie. When I’m not being a mom and reading children books to my kids, I’m reading cookbooks, food magazines, and watching cooking shows. I love this post, because it’s none of those things, but is everything I love about food. Reading this post made me escape to a far away country where I felt like a tourist, smelling, and tasting beautiful food. Love the pictures! They inspired me to get in my kitchen today ☺

Plate du Jour

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